Roof Repairs


A solid roof over your head brings protection from the elements and peace of mind. At Paul Bange Roofing, our experienced roofers can quickly assess potential problem roof areas and roof damage in Fort Lauderdale to determine the best type of roof repair for your needs. Our roofing services also include corrective maintenance and preventive maintenance to minimize your need for roof repair over the lifetime of your roof.

Five Common Roof Repairs

Although your roof is built to last, factors such as weather, pests, and age can play a role in the development of damage that requires professional roof repair. There are several problem roof areas of which homeowners should be aware; some of the most common roof problems that require professional roof repair include

  1. roof leaks, which may be caused by missing shingles and flashing, damage to roofing materials, or clogged gutters.
  2. missing shingles or flashing, which can be caused by wind and weather, or poor roof maintenance.
  3. rotted fascia, which are the horizontal boards that finish the look of your roof and run around its perimeter; rot is typically caused by moisture accumulation due to leaks or gutter problems.
  4. poor drainage or “ponding” of water, which is caused by warping of the roof’s structure, debris blocking natural drainage paths, or clogged gutters.
  5. missing or improper caps and covers on vents and chimneys, which can be caused by weather, pests, lack of roof maintenance, or improper roof repair in the past.

The Importance of Making Minor Roof Repairs

Even if you know you need minor roof repairs, it can be tempting to put off calling your roofing contractor until a later date. However, repairs that are minor today could become major tomorrow if they aren’t addressed promptly. Whether you need major or minor roof repairs near Fort Lauderdale, Paul Bange Roofing can help—you can reach us by calling (954) 981-7663 for more information about our roof repair services.

  • Particularly in Florida, severe weather such as heavy rainfall, high winds, and hail can happen at any time of year. Minor roof damage can be exacerbated in seconds under severe conditions, leaving the interior your home and your belongings vulnerable to weather damage.
  • Even small roof leaks can cause severe moisture damage over time. If left unaddressed, moisture accumulation from a single small leak can cause interior ceilings to collapse or widespread mold growth inside your home.
  • Missing shingles, flashing, or vent caps can allow pests to easily enter your home. If left unrepaired, these issues may mean you’ll be facing both a significant pest infestation and more serious roof damage in the future.
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