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Why Should You Clean Your Gutters?

When it comes to preventative maintenance for your roof, you may want to ask your roofers serving Fort Lauderdale about the importance of gutter maintenance. Gutters are an essential part of every style of roof, and these devices are among the most common potential problem roof areas. By setting up preventative maintenance for your gutters, you can help your roof last for much longer. Here is a look at why gutter maintenance is so important.

Remove Unwanted Debris

Over the months and seasons, your gutters can easily collect many types of debris. From fallen leaves to twigs and sections of branches, there are many items that can easily get stuck in your gutters. By scheduling gutter maintenance with your professional roofers, you can ensure that debris does not cause a clog in your gutters. During this type of service, your technician will use special tools to remove any debris that is lingering behind.

Prevent Overflowing Water

One of the most troublesome situations that can occur when your gutters become clogged is overflowing water. As more debris builds up in your gutters, a serious blockage can occur. If water is not able to flow through your gutters and down the downspout, it may begin cascading over the edge. This can result in serious water and structural damage to your home.

Eliminate Gutter Damage

If the blockage in your gutters becomes too heavy, your gutters themselves can become damaged. For example, when a gutter becomes overloaded with debris, you may find that it begins to pull away from the side of the roof.

To schedule gutter cleaning and other types of roof maintenance in Fort Lauderdale, do not hesitate to get in touch with Paul Bange Roofing. For more than three decades, we have provided our customers throughout Fort Lauderdale with a full range of roof installation and repair procedures. Call us at (810) 569-4835 to schedule an appointment for your roof today.

Maintenance Tips for Flat Roofs

If you are seeking a roof that offers easy roof maintenance and repair, you may want to consider a flat roof. When you schedule re-roofing serving Fort Lauderdale, your technician will be able to answer your questions about the benefits of flat roofs. After your flat roof installation, you will need to perform routine preventative maintenance in order to keep your roof in peak condition. Here is a look at some essential maintenance tips for flat roofs.

Remove Debris

Because they are flat, rather than slanted, flat roofs can have a tendency to collect leaves, branches, and other debris. When trees are dropping their leaves during the fall months, this can become a particular issue. To ensure that your flat roof remains in terrific condition, around the year, you may want to sweep any leaves or debris off of your roof. This will prevent mulch from forming, and can also keep unwanted plants from taking root on your roof.

Watch for Cracks

A crack or split in your flat roof can be a serious cause for concern. When your flat roof splits, this could be a sign of serious structural damage to your property. In the event that you notice a crack in your roof, you should cal a professional for repairs.

Inspect Your Gutters

Gutters are an essential part of every type of roof. In order to keep your flat roof in excellent condition, you may want to inspect your gutters on a regular basis. If leaves, dirt, or other types of debris become trapped in your gutters, you should clear them right away.

To get the most out of your roof maintenance, be sure to work with Paul Bange Roofing. We proudly serve the Fort Lauderdale area with a complete range of re-roofing and roof maintenance services. If you would like to make an appointment with our highly rated roofers, give us a call at (810) 569-4835.

What Is Corrective Roof Maintenance?

carpenter shingling roof

After a roof inspection, a professional roofing contractor may make recommendations for preventative or corrective maintenance. Preventative maintenance prepares your roof for severe weather before damage occurs. Corrective maintenance, on the other hand, includes any post-damage roof repairs, whether that damage was caused by wind and rain or simply routine wear and tear.

Small repairs, such as tile or shingle replacement, gutter straightening, and other minor fixes, are all types of corrective roof maintenance. This term can also include more extensive projects, such as replacement of any damaged underlayment or flashing, or the application of new tar to flat roofs. Any leak repairs are also considered corrective roof maintenance. However, the most drastic type of roof work, complete roof replacement, is not considered corrective maintenance.

The professional contractors at Paul Bange Roofing provide a wide range of roof repair services, including corrective roof maintenance, to Fort Lauderdale homes and businesses. To schedule an appointment with one of our experienced roofing contractors, call us today at (954) 981-7663.

Taking Care of a Flat Roof During the Winter


Mild winters are one of the perks of living in Fort Lauderdale. Even though it doesn’t snow, you still need to take care of your roof and prepare it for winter. Occasional bouts of winter rain can catch homeowners unawares at any time. Schedule preventative roof maintenance at least once per season with a roofing contractor in Ft. Lauderdale to keep your roof in great shape. To prepare your flat roof for winter, a professional roofer will:

Remove Debris

Because of their negligible pitch angle, debris can and will accumulate on your flat roof. Piles of palm fronds, twigs, and other matter on your roof can cause water to collect in small puddles, which causes the roofing material to wear unevenly. The first thing a roofing professional will do when performing a winter check-up on your flat roof is sweep away all debris in order to prevent this from occurring.

Inspect for Evenness

Over time, as a flat roof wears unevenly, it will develop slight indentations where pools of water can form, even when all debris has been cleared away. During the inspection, your professional roofer will check for these slight imperfections, report back to you, and ask for your permission to patch them. In some cases, portions of the roof may need to be re-tarred or replaced. 

Check for Trapped Water

A properly installed roof consists of several layers of material. During the high winds and extreme weather of Florida’s hurricane season, water can enter through microscopic cracks in the surface layer of your roof and become trapped, eventually rotting through and damaging layers of building material underneath. Since winter tends to be a dryer season here, it is the ideal time for an experienced roofer to find these pockets of trapped water on your flat roof.

For more than 30 years, Paul Bange Roofing has provided Fort Lauderdale homeowners with professional roofing service, including corrective roof maintenance, new roof installation, pre-hurricane season roof inspections, and much more. To schedule a winter roof inspection, call us today at (954) 981-7663.

What Are The Most Common Roofing Problems?

Storm damage

The roofs of homes in Fort Lauderdale are exposed to a great deal of wear and tear. They are battered annually by the rains and winds of hurricane season, and also scorched by the bright Florida sun. Even the highest quality roofs need preventative maintenance at least once a year, in addition to emergency corrective maintenance when they are damaged. Some of the most common roofing problems include:

Small Leaks

All roofs will develop small leaks sooner or later. Weak points particularly prone to springing leaks include the joints between tiles or shingles, the valleys between two sloped sections, and areas along the flashing surrounding vents or chimneys. During an inspection, roofers will check these points. Leaks can also cause paint to discolor or chip in rooms directly below the roof, so keep an eye on the ceilings of rooms on the top floor of your home.

Missing Tiles or Shingles

During hurricane season, high winds can tear shingles or tiles loose from your roof. This exposes the underlayment to forceful barrages of rain, which can cause very serious damage. After any hurricanes or tropical storms, always schedule a roof inspection as soon as you can and have any missing tiles or shingles replaced immediately in order to protect your roof and your home.

Damage to Peripheral Components

Besides the outer layer of roofing materials, there are several peripheral components to your roof. Of these, the fascia and the soffit are the most vulnerable to damage. The fascia is a long panel, usually made of wood, installed parallel to the gutter. The soffit is the layer of material, often metal or wood, on the underside of the overhang. Both of these pieces are especially susceptible to water damage.

Call (954) 981-7663 to schedule a roof inspection with Paul Bange Roofing today. With three decades of experience in Fort Lauderdale, we know how to properly carry out maintenance that will repair any damage from tropical storms and prepare your roof for the next hurricane season. 

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